How to Add Cash to Venmo Card at Walmart Instantly!

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Add Cash to Venmo Card at Walmart

At Walmart, adding cash to your Venmo card to make a transaction is possible. But what is Venmo and how can you add cash to a Venmo card at Walmart? Venmo is a digital wallet that lets you make and share payments with friends and there are no fees for sending or receiving money on Venmo.

Easy to add money to your Venmo account from your bank account or debit card, and use the balance to make payments or choose to keep it in cash, which you can withdraw to your bank account.

Why do people like using it? Few reasons for it. First, it is easy to send money to friends and family without having to carry cash or write a bank check. Second, it’s a safe and secure way to pay someone – all you need is their email address or phone number. Let’s walk through how you add cash to your Venmo account at Walmart stores across the country and explore more. Are you ready? Let’s keep going now.

Can you add money to Venmo at Walmart?

Adding money to your Venmo balance using Walmart’s rapid reload is easy. Walmart Rapid Reload is a service you can use to add funds to more than 100 types of debit and prepaid cards. You can use the rapid load service to fund your Venmo debit card with amounts ranging from $20 to $1000.

The funds will be available immediately, and since Venmo cards are powered by Visa, you can use your reloaded funds to shop online on participating websites at no fee. It’s a convenient and smooth way to add money to Venmo cards if you don’t have a bank account or debit or credit card linked to your account.

How can you add cash to your Venmo card at Walmart?

Below are two methods to fund Venmo prepaid cards at Walmart: the swipe and add cash method and the swipe and add checks method.

Method #1: Swipe and Pay

You can add funds to your Venmo balance at Walmart with the swipe and add cash method, and all you need is your Venmo prepaid card in hand. Head to the checkout lane and give the cashier your Venmo card and the amount you want to add to your card.

They will then swipe it, and funds will be added to your account immediately after confirming. This is a great way to avoid having to carry around cash, and it’s just one more reason why Venmo is one of the most convenient ways to pay friends. You can shop at Walmart with your Venmo card as well. The process is quick, and you’ll be able to load a Venmo card with cash instantly and use your card right away.

Method #2: Swipe and Add Checks

With the swipe and add checks method, bank checks can be used to deposit money at the register to your Venmo account when you visit Walmart. It saves some time and eliminates the need to make a trip to the bank. This swipe is available at all Walmart locations nationwide, so there’s no excuse not to take advantage of it.

Does Walmart accept Venmo via QR code?

Yes, Walmart accepts Venmo QR codes for payment. This is a convenient way to pay for your purchases without having to carry cash or a credit card. At the checkout or cashier, open your Venmo app on your phone and scan the QR code image with a reader, and the payment will be processed right away. Make sure the latest version of the app is installed.

FAQs about adding cash to a Venmo card at Walmart

Can you cash out Venmo at Walmart?

Yes, you can withdraw money from Venmo at Walmart. First, you can only cash out up to $100 per transaction. Second, there is a daily limit of $400. Third, you need to have a Venmo debit card to do so. Lastly, make sure you have enough money in your account to cover the amount you’re trying to cash out.

Can you pay with Venmo at Walmart?

Yes, both in-store and online. In-store: To pay with Venmo at physical stores, shoppers just need to link their debit card or bank account to the app, then use the QR code for the payment, or their active Venmo debit card instead.

Online: On Walmart’s website, customers will have to select PayPal as a payment option, and they will be redirected to the PayPal payment page. From there, they can now select Venmo as a payment option after adding items to their shopping cart. After entering their Venmo login information, shoppers will be able to finalize their purchase using the funds in their account.


In conclusion, adding cash to a Venmo card at Walmart is an ideal way to transfer funds you need quickly to your Venmo account balance on the go. It’s simple and takes only a few minutes, and it’s also a great way to keep track of your spending and budget for your future purchases.




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