Can I Change My Venmo Username or Handle?

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can i change my venmo username

As far as making payments and sending money to friends and family is concerned, Venmo is seen to be an excellent and popular platform. Many people use Venmo to make payments and also send money to friends and family members in the USA and its territories. Users need to link their bank accounts or debit cards to send and receive money. At times some users may want to change their usernames on the Venmo platform. In this must-read article, we will talk about the steps to follow to change a username on the popular and excellent Venmo platform

After you have finished digesting this article, you will get a firm and excellent understanding of the steps to follow in changing a username on the peer-peer money payment app, Venmo, and the effects associated with it too.

What is My Venmo Username?

To begin transactions on this popular and excellent performing app, Venmo, all users need to append a unique user name that can help get their identity verified and identified. Multiple users can’t use the same username as it will be detected by the system.

Users can decide to use a simple username to aid in easy identification by friends, family members, or business associates, whilst others also choose to use complex usernames to protect their privacy online, preventing people from recognizing and identifying them easily as they transact on the app.

Can You Change Your Venmo Username?

Venmo users can easily change their usernames as often as they want but they should also take note that they can’t revert to the old usernames once they have adopted the new username. For the sake of simplicity and easy identification by friends, family members, and other business associates, some users resort to simple usernames whilst others to protect their account privacy online also resort to complex usernames to prevent people from identifying them easily online and monitoring their transactions. Simply, Yes, you can change a username to another directly in the app settings and save to effect the change.

Steps To Follow In Changing A Username On Venmo both Android and iPhone(iOS)

Changing a username on the popular money payment app, Venmo is easy. There is no restriction on the username you want to use. You can use your real name or any name that you adopt. The username can be for a business or personal account. But it is advisable to maintain a username that will be easily recognized by your friends and family when they are online.

Below are the steps to follow to make this possible.

  1. First, open the Venmo app and go to your Profile.
  2. Secondly, navigate to Settings by clicking on the gear icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose Account from the Menu.
  3. Thirdly, you tab on the option that says Profile
  4. You will then recognize your profile picture, username, first name, last name, and email address
  5.  At this juncture, you can then effect your changes.
  6. Tab on the Username and carefully edit the text.
  7. You may prefer to use a simple username that will let your friends and family members identify you easily when you are online or use a clumsy username to protect your privacy.
  8. You can also make your profile private by going to Settings and Privacy.
  9. Finally, you click on Save and all the changes will be effected.

How to change Venmo Username on a Computer web browser

Although Venmo is mostly used on smartphones, users can easily use the computer to change their usernames. The excellent interface of the computer makes it easy for such changes to be effected.

For this to become possible, the Venmo website should be visited and the user account logged into. The settings icon can be seen at the top right corner of the screen. It should be clicked and the profile page will pop up. The current username used to register should be deleted and the new one added.

How Often Can You Change Your Venmo Username?

There are several reasons why a user will like to change his or her username, it can be that the user wants his or her username to be identified easily by his or her friends, family, and business associates or to make it clumsy or technical to protect his or her privacy.

A user can change his or her username as many times as he or she wants but once the change is effected the new username becomes permanently recorded in the system.

The username should be between 5 and 30 characters long. (Also it should be noted that there should be no special characters other than – and_ ).

Previous usernames can’t be used or reverted to so one needs to think carefully before effecting the change. Also if there are payments to be effected on the old name, it can’t be possible to transfer it to the new username unless you swiftly update your contact information for those payments to be effected.

Does The Venmo App show the Username or the Real Name?

Registration on the Venmo app is based on the discretion of the user. A user may decide to use his or her real name or adopt a different username.

For easy identification, some users adopt simple usernames whilst other users too choose advanced usernames to protect their privacy.

Transactions on the Venmo app are set to public by default so it is easy for other users to recognize the details of the transactions that are carried out. To avoid this, a user can choose to make his profile private by changing the default public settings in the Venmo app by navigating to the “Me” tab, simply  tapping the Settings gear in the upper right corner of the screen, and choosing “Privacy,” followed by “Default Privacy Setting.”In this case, the user’s full name is hidden on the Venmo app.

Sending or receiving money on the app requires a username for it to be affected.

Without the username, no transactions can be carried out.

Can I Use a Nickname on Venmo?

Transactions on Venmo require the user to have a name registered. It can be the legal name or the user can choose to use his nickname.

Some users prefer using their real names to encourage other users to easily identify them online whilst others try to use nicknames to prevent other users from identifying and monitoring the details of their transactions whilst using the app.

So it is easy and also possible to use a nickname on Venmo, the peer-to-peer money payment app.

Are Venmo Usernames Unique?

Transactions on the peer-to-peer money payment App, Venmo requires every user to have a unique username that nobody has registered with it or using since it is not possible for multiple users to possess the same username whilst using the app.

Without unique usernames, Venmo cannot identify and verify its users. Also, this unique username also helps ensure the safety of the user’s account.

Once the username is registered on the Venmo platform, the user can easily send or receive payments from friends, family members, and business associates.

Why Venmo Won’t Let Me Change My Name?

Venmo doe snot makes it possible for users or its clients to change their names when they sign up on the app.

This restriction does not help a lot of its users since situations like marriage, divorce, and other conditions can cause them to change their names.

For a user to change his or her name on the app, he needs to contact Venmo Customer Service with legal proof of the change of name for them to have a critical review of it and effect the change.

Can You Have Multiple Venmo Usernames?

Yes! It is possible and easy to create multiple Venmo usernames. Each Venmo account that you create should have a different and unique username to enable transactions to be affected. Alternatively, you can use the same username for both personal and business profiles.

Also, it should be noted that it is not possible to use two or more usernames for the same account created, instead a user can connect two bank accounts to a Venmo Profile which is quite okay for users that have two or more accounts. It should be noted that only two bank accounts can be linked to a profile at this time.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Change Your Date of Birth on Venmo?

As a Venmo user, you can choose to customize all particulars in your account but you can’t change your date of birth, this is to conform to the laid down safety guidelines. As part of the account verification process on Venmo, a user will be asked to fill in their dates of birth including some vital information, it is therefore advisable to enter the right information since you can’t change it at a later date. It is mandatory that applicants should be 18 years or more to get a Venmo account.

However, if a wrong date of birth was entered then the user can submit a proof of the correct or the original date of birth to Venmo Customer Support for a critical review and corrections affected afterward.

Can I change My Number on Venmo?

There is no need to create a new Venmo account once you have received a new phone number. You can easily change your phone number on Venmo. Should in case a user is not having access to his old number then their email address should be valid since they will be receiving messages via the email address to confirm if it is actually theirs.

A phone number can be changed on Venmo by going to Settings, scrolling to the Phone Number, then deleting the old number. A confirmation message will be sent to the new number for verification.

Can You Change Your Email on Venmo?

Yes! You can also change your email address on Venmo, however, you need to maintain the phone number you used when signing up because a confirmation message will be sent to the phone number for verification.

You can change your email address by following the following steps.

Navigate to Settings, scroll to Email, then carefully delete the old email and fill in the new email address. A text message will be sent to the phone number you used when signing up. The code should be entered to indicate or confirm it is actually you.

Can You Change Your Password On Venmo?

A user can easily change their password on the Venmo app in two different ways.

First, go to Settings, and click on password. The old password should be entered and a new one typed in.

Second, a user can enter his phone number or email and follow the guidelines or instructions to get the new password reset.


Venmo, the peer-to-peer money payment app has made transactions easy in the USA and its territories since its introduction, however, several Venmo users don’t know whether they can change their username or not while several others too don’t know the steps to follow in changing their username. The above article if well read or studied will provide a detailed guideline on how to change a user name on the popular and excellent performing payment app.


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