How To Add Venmo To Google Pay

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how to add Venmo to Google Pay

The benefits of Venmo as a peer-to-peer money payment app in the USA and its territories cannot be underrated. Ever since the launching of the app it has served multitudes of clients and still tries to be on top as one of the best in the USA and its territories. Its social communicative features make it to be admired by friends, families and business partners, and associates. However, the big question is ‘’how to add Venmo to Google Pay” This article will let you understand the process of adding your Venmo account to Google Pay.

can you add Venmo to google pay?

Yes, you can add your google pay to Venmo by linking the 2 accounts after verification and you can use your Venmo balance to make payments from the Google Pay app. Google Pay is for both Android smartphone devices and Apple iOS.

Adding Venmo to Google Pay

It is easy and simple to add Venmo to Google Pay but the Venmo Debit Card should be used to link these apps to ensure its success. When this is done, your Venmo balance funds can be used to buy things or make payments indirectly using Google Pay.

However, you can’t transfer money from your Venmo account directly to Google Pay without this card. It is therefore important to get this card, and getting your own Venmo Debit Card is easy as you may imagine.

Although, as you start to apply for it you may get a message that it is impossible to get a Venmo Debit Card due to the large number of people who are also trying to get but remember this shouldn’t deter you from getting it since when it is your turn an email will be sent to you indicating that you can start the application process.

Getting A Venmo Debit Card

Below are the steps to follow to get your own Venmo Debit Card:

  • Firstly, open the Venmo App.
  • Then tap on the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Secondly, choose the ‘’Cards’’ tab and tap on ‘’Venmo Credit Card’’ or “Sign up for the Venmo Debit Card“.
  • Thirdly, tab on “Get the Venmo Debit Card” you choose your favorite color for the card and then input your personal information.
  • At this stage, you go through or review the terms and conditions then’ tap on  ‘’Next’’.
  • Fourthly, you fill in your shipping address and select or choose what you really want to occur if your card is low on funds.
  • Finally, you take a closer look at all the information that you have supplied and click on the ‘’Submit’’ button.
  • At this stage, Venmo will carefully go through or check all the information that you have supplied and within 15 days your Venmo Debit Card will be delivered to you.
  • After receiving the card you get it activated before you can link to your Google Pay account.

Linking Your Venmo Debit Card to Google Pay

Carefully following these steps will help you to link your Venmo Debit Card to Google Pay:

  • Firstly, you open the Google Pay app.
  • You may have more than one Google Pay account and if it happens like that you choose the one you prefer, you link it up with your card by tapping on your profile picture or image in the top right corner.
  • Secondly, you navigate downwards and choose ‘’Payment methods’’ then ‘Add a Card’’
  • Here, choose a ‘’ Credit or Debit Card’’
  • You should make sure that you get the card’s information either by writing it down on paper or using your device’s camera to capture the details.
  • Thirdly, you choose a preferred method to get your payment method verified.
  • Lastly, a verification code would be sent to you to be entered to complete the whole process.

When everything is over and you have enough funds in your Venmo balance you can now send money to your friends and family using your Venmo card. All purchases too can be affected using Google Pay.

Users can also send cash to their Google Pay balance from Venmo just by adding their Venmo Debit Card as a method of payment and Google Pay may demand a little amount as a charge to your Venmo Card once you add it as a method of payment. The main rationale is to let you know your card is valid.

Users should note that this won’t work if their accounts aren’t legally verified and configured to pay businesses.

There is a restriction however on this, since it can only be used to buy stuff on Google Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add Venmo to google pay without a card?

Absolutely no, you can’t add Venmo to your google pay account without a card. Simply, because you must first have a payment option with Venmo such as a credit or debit card which google pay will use for transactions directly from Venmo when you linked the 2 accounts.

Is it Possible to Send Money From Google Pay to Venmo?

Although it is impossible to transfer or send cash directly from your Google Pay account to Venmo directly, you can rather send it to your bank account after which it can be added to your Venmo balance.

What is the prerequisite to adding Venmo to Google Pay?

In order to link Venmo to Google Pay, one must meet these:

  • The user must have a  US telephone number and an email address.
  • The user’s bank account should also be linked to the Venmo account.
  • Venmo must also verify the user’s account.

What are Some of The Benefits of Using Venmo and Google Pay Together?

Using Venmo and Google Pay together comes with some benefits. It is easy to integrate the two apps and have more options for making payments. Also, great security measures are adopted or employed at their ends since they rely heavily on encryption.


Experiencing the benefits of transactions on the Venmo app is something that users will never forget about but the lack of knowledge on how to add Venmo to Google Pay is a difficulty that is worrying most Venmo users. Although, you can’t send the cash in your Venmo balance to your Google Pay directly,  gratefully, you can now add a Venmo Debit card to your Google Pay account by adding it as a method of payment and using the cash in your Venmo balance to effect payments.

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