How To Print Venmo QR Code 

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How To Print Venmo QR Code

Venmo QR code plays an active role in transferring and receiving money when using the Venmo App. Friends, families, and business associates easily transact on the app using the Venmo QR code. Online and in-store purchases are paid for easily by using the QR code.

However, some Venmo app users are still faced with the problem of how to get their QR code, how to print their QR code, and also on fixing some simple issues when scanning for the QR code.

This must-read article will provide step-by-step know-how on how to get your Venmo QR code, print your Venmo QR code and rectify some common problems that might arise during the scanning of the QR code. Stay tuned and let us set the ball rolling.

What is Venmo QR Code?

The Venmo QR code is a special and unique code that is generated when one signs in to the Venmo app. With this code, Venmo users can request payment and also pay those that they owe. This is simply done by sending them your Venmo QR code.

Business operators can have their Venmo QR codes displayed on their business platforms to enable people and customers to pay them for the goods and services that they have purchased. It uses end-to-end encryption thereby ensuring its safety. This has caused a lot of people to sign into the Venmo app since it was launched

Venmo QR Code Generator

The Venmo app has a section where users can easily navigate to obtain their QR code. The QR code has helped a lot of Venmo users to reduce the time and energy that they might have used in requesting long bank account details and others as well.

This has made Venmo a popular and interesting money payment app. The Venmo app’s QR code section has two distinct features. The first one is the one labeled “Venmo Me” and, its use is to find friends and family members the other is also labeled “ Show to Pay” and it is used in the making of payments in stores for purchases made. It can be possible only if the merchant accepts Venmo.

Users don’t have to spend countless efforts and time searching for their friends and family members’ phone numbers or email addresses. You just have to navigate to the QR section and get your QR scanned. Venmo users can easily have their QR code shared via their email, text messages, and other social media apps.

How Can I Use Venmo QR Code?

Venmo being a money payment app can make sending and receiving money easier when users adopt the use of the QR code.

Below are the ways that you can use the Venmo QR Code:

  • It can be used to pay for goods sold or services provided
  • It can be used to receive money for goods sold or services provided
  • It can be used to send or receive money from friends and family members
  • It can be used to invite friends and family members to your Venmo account

How To Download Venmo QR Code

  1.  First, Open the Venmo app on your device
  2. Second, click on the three straight lines at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Third, you will click on your profile picture
  4. Fourth, after clicking on the profile picture, it will display your QR code with three options
  5. At this stage, you make a decision either to print it, send it via email, or download it on your mobile

Can Venmo QR Code Be Used By Businesses?

Yes, the Venmo QR code can be used both for business and personal purposes. However, the QR code for business purposes is different from the one used for personal purposes. Business owners or merchants can get a special and unique code for each item or service they want to sell.

Using Venmo QR Code for Business

QR codes should be printed and put up in a place that can easily be accessible to your customers who patronize your products and services. For the code to be printed, tap on the “share” button on r device screen for your scanner to be opened. Then tap on the ‘Venmo me” button to identify your business profile QR code. At this stage, you can then download it or send it to a printer.

Merchants can also create a unique QR code that will directly send customers to a specific product or service with the price at hand. This can be done by tapping on the ‘Venmo me’ button and then tapping on the “$” button. When this is done it takes customers to the merchant’s profile.

Merchants can also create a business QR code simply by navigating straight to the QR creator page on the Venmo website and supplying all the information about their business. The QR code creation app can also be used to create business QR codes.

Users can print their Venmo QR code from the Venmo app.

  1. First, they should tap on the share button on the screen of their profile
  2. Second, They should open the scanner and tap ”Venmo Me”
  3. Their profile QR code together with their picture will pop up
  4. Users should then tap the printer icon to get started with printing their profile QR code

Fixing Venmo QR Code Issues While Scanning

Though the app is easy to use to send or receive money, some users might still face or encounter problems while scanning other users’ QR codes.

Although the problem might arise from the Venmo server or a technical hitch on their side, the problems can be troubleshoot and fixed but after a persistent attempt and it still keeps on failing then the Venmo support team should be contacted.

 Ways To Avoid Issues When Scanning QR Code

Make sure that the version of the Venmo app that you are using is up to date. This will let you avoid some pertinent issues. Ensure that your device has internet access. It can happen that you’re the issue is from your internet service provider.

Users should ensure that the QR code they intend to install is the right one. You can confirm this with the owner of the code. Also, ensure that the app has immediate access to your device camera. The app request for access after it has been downloaded and installed on your smartphone. After all these, if the problem continues to exist then the Venmo support team should be contacted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Printing My Venmo Business Profile’s QR Code

The business profile’s QR code can be printed from the Venmo app by following the steps below:

  • First, the share button on the screen of your business profile.
  • When the scanner is opened and tapped on Venmo Me the business profile’s QR code will be seen along with the profile picture.
  • Finally, you tap on the printer icon to get started printing your business profile’s QR code.

Can I Have More Than One Preset QR Code?

At present one can only have one preset QR code live in their app. If merchants want to provide their customers with multiple price options then saving screenshots of each QR code or printing is highly suggested.

Sharing My Business Profile’s QR Code?

On the screen of your business profile gently tap on the “share” button. When the scanner is opened and tapped on “Venmo Me” the business profile’s QR code along with the profile picture would be seen.

How Do Customers Use a Trader’s Business Profile’s Code?

Customers can easily use their Venmo app to scan the merchant’s QR code and make a payment to the merchant’s business profile. If a merchant on the other hand wants customers to come to their profile instead then they can search for their username or business name on the Venmo app.

Also, payments that a merchant receives on the app can be shared on Venmo depending on the privacy settings for the merchant’s business profile.

Can a Merchant Program a Specific Price Into His Business Profile’s QR Code?

Exactly, Venmo can be used to create a special and unique code that will easily direct or take customers to their business profile and fill in a specific price for a transaction. The business profile can be entered into the Venmo app and follow the steps below to keep moving on.

  • First, tap on the “Scan” button.
  • Then move straight to your business profile’s QR code by tapping on “Venmo Me”
  • At this juncture, an amount can be entered and tapped on “Set Amount”.
  • Once the customer scans that specific QR code, they will be taken directly to the merchant’s business profile.
  • When a payment is started to you, the dollar amount will be pre-entered with the amount that was set.
  • The customer still has the opportunity to edit the amount on their end so that any tips or discounts can be added.

Can you find people using the Venmo QR code?

It is easy to find people on Venmo using the “Venmo Me” someone’s code. When someone’s Venmo Me QR code is scanned, it will take you directly to their profile page.


Using Venmo to send, receive and pay for purchases among friends, families, and businesses has gained ground in the USA and its territories. The QR code feature on the app makes payment to be affected easily on the Venmo app by avoiding long bank account details and other information as well.

This article highlighted how to get your Venmo QR code, print your Venmo QR code and rectify some common problems that might arise during the scanning of the QR code.  Hope you have enjoyed reading it.Thanks a lot and stay blessed.


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