How To Search Someone On Venmo In 4 Ways

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Search Someone On Venmo

If you are unfamiliar with Venmo, it may be difficult to search for someone when using the service. But few different ways you can find the person you’re looking for. You can look through your list of contacts, and search by username, email, or phone number we will cover all that if you’re not sure how to search for someone on Venmo.

Does Venmo notify users if you search for them?

No, Venmo does not notify any user if anyone searches for them and looked at their profile. But that doesn’t mean that your information is completely private. Venmo’s search function is enabled publicly by default, so anybody can see your transactions until you disabled that in your settings to switch it to private.

If your concern is about someone snooping on your account transactions, then protect your privacy. First, check your settings to make sure that only friends can see your transactions.

How to Search someone on Venmo In 4 Ways

4 ways to search for someone on Venmo, the easiest is to use the person’s phone number, name, or email address, and also if you know the person’s username. See below for further help.

1. Search for someone on Venmo by name or username

1. Open up the Venmo app.
2. Tap on the menu icon at the top left.
3. Now, tap on “Search People” from the drop-down.
4. Finally type the person’s name or username and hit enter. You’ll be taken to their profile page where you can see their profile picture and name (if they have one).

2. Find someone by phone number

When you sign up for Venmo, verification is required by providing a phone number. Adding your phone number helps your friends to find and connect with you and here’s how to do it:

1. log in to your Venmo account and tap the main menu.
2. Tab “Settings” and then the “Friends & Social” option.
3. Toggle the “grey” button to switch it to “Phone Contacts” and confirm the pop to agree to allow Venmo to access your contact and it will sync your phone contacts automatically.
4. After that, Venmo will have access to their information from your phone.

Using a phone number is a quick way to find someone on Venmo and to know if someone has a Venmo account at all. If their name and profile picture don’t come up, they probably don’t have an account.

3. Find friends on Venmo using a QR code

To find friends on Venmo with a QR code, follow the below steps:

1. Simply open and sign in to your Venmo account and tap the menu icon.
2. From there, you can tap on the “Scan Code” under the search bar.
3. Now your friend has to show your their QR code, which is in their profile image by tabs on it.
4. Hold up your phone camera on the QR code until it gets scanned or read it.
5. you can then share with others by holding it up to their phone’s camera.
6. Once the scan is done, you can tap on the “Add Friend” button to add them to your friend list. That’s all.

The QR code feature is a great way for Venmo users to connect with someone and add them as a friend while still maintaining social distancing. It’s quick and doesn’t require any personal information exchange.

4. Search for people on Venmo with an email address

If you don’t have the person’s phone number, name, or username, but you have the email, you can use it to find them on Venmo, and here’s how to do it:

1. Open the Venmo app.
2. Tap on the “Venmo rounded Logo“, at the bottom of the welcome home screen of the app.
3. On the next screen, you will see a “search bar” at the top.
4. Tab on it and type in the person’s email address and hit enter. That’s it.

We find out that looking for someone by email on Venmo only works on the mobile app and you can use it to request or pay for something. The browser version of Venmo does not have this feature. This could change later!

How to add someone as a friend on Venmo?

Adding friends is a necessary step to start paying other people (or getting paid) through the app. Here’s a quick guide on how to add someone as a friend on Venmo:

1. Sign in to the app and the “Search People” Menu bar on the screen.
2. Enter your friend’s phone number, Venmo username, or email, and tap “Search.”
3. From the search results and tap “Add Friend.”
4. He/she will be on your list of friends on Venmo right away. You can then tap their name to view their profile or send them money.

How to see how many friends I have on Venmo?

The number of friends you have on Venmo has displayed along with your profile username. If you click on your username, your profile will pop up. On your profile page, a section called “Friends” and the numbers or digits next to it is the number of friends you have on Venmo. Changing your privacy settings to not show the number of friends, will hide it from the public.

FAQs about searching for someone on Venmo

Can you see other people’s transactions on Venmo?

Yes, people can see all your transactions on Venmo only if payment is shared. When a payment is shared, the payment note and names of the sender and recipient of the payment are public. Adjust your privacy settings, if you’re about your privacy.

What does it mean to be friends on Venmo?

When you sync your contacts with Venmo, you will automatically appear as a friend on Venmo to any user who has your contact information as well on their phone. This means that all of you can see each other’s transactions.


In conclusion, searching for someone on Venmo is a quick and easy process. You need their name, email, and phone number or scan their QR code to find them in seconds. This is a great way to keep track of your friends and family, as well as pay them back for things they may have bought for you.

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