How to Unfriend on Venmo

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how to unfriend on Venmo

Venmo is an excellent and popular peer-to-peer payment app that is widely used in the USA and its territories. It is multiple platforms supportive since it can be accessed on IOS and on Android devices too. Ever since its introduction it has played a great role in the sending and receiving of money. Friends, family members, and business associates use to rely on this to transfer and receive money. There is a Venmo debit and credit cards that can be used for online purchases and in stores as well.

It also has certain social networking features to aid in communication. Activities among friends, family members, and business associates can easily be monitored whilst using the app. However, along the line users may want to remove or unfriend some other users for one or two reasons. It can be that your privacy is being exploited, frequently eliciting or bothering for money or suspicion of illegal activities. This well-written step-by-step guide will give you detailed knowledge of how to unfriend on Venmo.

Removing or Deleting Someone On Venmo

Adding friends to your list is a popular and excellent activity on Venmo because it aids in knowing the exact person or the account to send or receive money from, but at a certain stage in the using of the app it is extremely important to cut some users off, that is to unfriend them on Venmo.

It can be due to the reason that your friends, family members, and associates will be demanding too much money from you that you can’t handle it any longer, also it can be due to the fact that you want to prevent some users from constantly monitoring your activities or transactions on the app or you have suspected some foul or criminal activities among your friends list.

Whatever the reason that you want to unfriend them on Venmo, it can easily be carried out in a simple process and those who have been removed will not be notified. However, if the friend searches for you on Venmo they can still see you unless you block them.

Steps On How to Unfriend Someone On Venmo

Below are the steps to follow to unfriend or delete someone on Venmo.

  1. First, navigate to their Venmo Profile once the Venmo app is opened.
  2. Secondly, tap on the ‘’Friends’’Checkmark
  3. Thirdly select or choose ‘’Unfriend’’

Can You See If Someone Has Unfriended You On Venmo?

The Venmo app or system will not send you a message or a notification that someone has unfriended or removed you. You will therefore not notice that a user has unfriended you on Venmo. For one reason or another other if you don’t want to remove a friend family member or business associate from your Friends List you can opt-in to mute transactions. When this is done they can still be on your Friends List but they can’t see your transactions on Venmo.

How To See My Friends List

Venmo provides the opportunity to see your Friends List, in this way, you can control who can see or not see your transactions when using the app. You can see your friends on your profile, where you can easily check all their profiles too and get their identity verified too.

Notwithstanding, you can also get the opportunity to check the list of friends of other users from their profiles as they can also do the same to yours. however, you can choose a privacy setting to block your profile from being seen on other users’ pages.

How Can I See My Friends On Venmo To Remove?

Seeing your friends on Venmo and to remove from your list is just a simple task. If the steps below are carefully adhered to, then this will be very easy.

It will help you detect whether your friend has a Venmo account. This will help you to send or receive money from them too.

  1. Firstly, open the Venmo app on your device.
  2. Secondly, move straight to the Menu by tapping on the three vertical lines in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Thirdly, you choose Search People.
  4. Fourthly, type or insert your friend’s email address, name, or phone number.
  5. Eventually, if your friend is on Venmo then their name will appear but if they have not registered on Venmo then obviously their name will not appear. After seeing your friend you can block them to remove them from adding you, just in case you don’t want them to find you.

How To Add Friends On Venmo?

To add a friend on Venmo is a thrilling experience that each and everyone want to have. Adding a friend on Venmo is so simple.

First, if you sign up on Venmo initially, a message will pop up asking you to grant Venmo access to your saved contacts on your phone, if access is granted Venmo will automatically add those contacts to your friend list.

Secondly, you can use a personal QR code. If the person you want to add is right beside you, all that you have to do is to get the Venmo code scanner open in the Venmo app and get it pointed directly to the Venmo ‘’Me’’ QR code on their screen. As they get their code centered it will automatically take you right away to their profile page. Also if a user sends you a personal QR code, the link should be clicked on and it will send you straight into the Venmo app on their designated profile page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Delete a Friend Request on Venmo?

A Venmo user can easily delete a friend request. On the web, a user just clicks on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select ‘’Remove as Friend’’

In the app, the user simply taps on the ‘’Friends’ checkmark>Unfriend and it will be affected.

How Do I Stop People From Finding Me on Venmo?

To stop people from finding you on Venmo, You have to adjust your privacy settings by tapping on the Venmo app on your mobile phone.

  • Then carefully choose the hamburger icon at the top left of the application.
  • Select Settings and tap on Privacy.
  • Then change the Default Privacy Setting to Private
  • Tap Past Transactions under More
  • And finally, Change Privacy for Past Transactions to Change All to Private.

How Do I Delete Someone on Venmo?

You can delete a user on Venmo by following the steps below:

  • Open the Venmo app and log in
  • Go to Settings and select Accounts
  • Under’’ Accounts’’ select the account you want to delete someone from.
  • Then under ‘’Message’’and ‘’Data’’ select the person you want to delete.
  • Then tap the three lines in the top right corner of the screen and then tap ‘’Delete’’

Why Can’t I Block Someone on Venmo?

As stated, Venmo is a money payment app that permits users to send and receive money. As such if you intend to block someone on Venmo means you can no longer send or receive money from them again.


Venmo has been a very interesting and popular peer-to-peer money payment app ever since it was launched in the USA. Its social networking features coupled with its ability to send and receive money from friends, family members, and business associates make it easy, flexible, and interesting to use.

It is great to add contacts on your device to Venmo when signing up. Friends, family members, and business associates or partners can be added to Venmo to experience the use of the app. However, at one point in time a user tends to remove a user or unfriend a user from his friends list due to some reasons best known to him, either invading his privacy on the use of the app, demanding money frequently from him, or suspecting of an illegal activity. This article explained how to unfriend a user on Venmo. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Stay blessed.

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