(Solution) Venmo Lost Connection With Bank

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Venmo Lost Connection With Bank

As technology advances and things keep on changing in this dynamic world, Our day to day activities is also not left out. One such rapid change is how we send or request money from one another. Several methods are being used to serve this purpose. One such method is the use of money payment apps. Venmo is one such remarkable app to serve this function but sometimes Venmo app can lost connection with the user’s banking account.

Venmo is used in the United States of America and it can boast about sixty million users. It is a smartphone app that is specially designed or developed to transfer money instantly from one registered user to another through connected banks.

It is owned by the giant mobile money-paying app, Paypal. It is a peer-to-peer application developed to be installed on smartphones and other mobile-friendly devices. It allows you to pay and request money from your friends and family.

Venmo Lost Connection With Bank

Venmo loss connection with the bank is a serious problem that virtually any Venmo user can encounter. It is very embarrassing and throughout this article, we will unfold how this issue occurs and ways to remedy this situation.

It can occur due to issues of connection between the bank and Venmo, old or outdated versions of the Venmo app, privacy and security issues, changes in banking credentials, and changes in banking multi-factor authentication settings.

All these must be checked before a customer service section can launch a complaint.

Users can get or receive money without a debit or bank card but to facilitate instant transfers and also get loans, your Venmo account must be linked to or associated with a bank account.

Below are the reasons why Venmo lost connection with the bank.

Changes in Banking Credentials

A user facing this issue can be due to recent changes in the user’s banking information or details. It can happen that the user’s banking username and password have been changed, or other details like email and contact details have been manipulated.

When this information is changed it is very difficult for Venmo to recognize and work on it.

Several banking institutions in the US, for security reasons frequently ask their loyal customers to change their information to enhance their accounts’ privacy and security.

Security Issues

When Venmo detects that a villain is trying to log into your

account multiple times, the system recognizes this and breaks the connection between Venmo and the bank.

In this way, maximum security is assured.

Old or Outdated Version of the Venmo App

Using an old or outdated version of the Venmo App may cause Venmo to lose connection with the bank. The app should be constantly updated to ensure that all new features are working. In this case, it is very difficult for the software to lose connection with the bank’s concern.

Changing Banking Multi-Factor Authentication Settings

Changing the banking Multi-Factor Authentication settings can lead to Venmo losing connection with the bank. This is just like the security monitoring system since Venmo automatically detects or recognizes detects changes you make in the security settings of your banking platform.

Connectivity Issues Between Venmo and Bank

Connectivity issues are one of the main reasons that Venmo lost connection with the bank. Communication between Venmo and the bank’s servers, especially when there is much load, and load balancing and scaling becomes a problem.

Connection at this period becomes interrupted hence causing the app to refuse communication with the user’s bank.

When this happens the user’s device should be restarted in addition to the internet connection of the device.

When this refuses to budge then the web version should be considered or reported to the Service support team.

Fixing Venmo Lost Connection with Bank

Fixing Venmo lost connection with the bank is very necessary to enable transactions to move on smoothly. Below are the steps to be taken to solve this problem but if it persists, then the Customer Service Team should be consulted to resolve this issue.

Update the Venmo App

The Venmo app should be consistently updated to enable all the features to work efficiently. Users should constantly check to see if there are any updates available.

They set an automatic alert or notification feature to make this possible.

Alternatively, the app can be uninstalled and installed to make it work properly.

Check Your Internet Connection

The User should check his internet connection when an issue like this arises. The user’s phone should be restarted and the device’s internet connectivity re-checked.

The WiFi connectivity should also be checked. But if it persists then the last resort should be to communicate with the Customer Service Team.

Verify the User’s Banking Credentials

Since most banks in the US require their customers to constantly change their banking details, the changes made must be applied immediately to the Venmo Account to match perfectly.

This will help maintain the connection between the bank and Venmo.

Venmo doesn’t recognize international bank accounts so users should refrain from this to enjoy maximum benefits from using the app.

Re-add your Bank Account to Venmo

Manually, you should remove your bank account from Venmo and re-add before contacting the customer service Team. This can help to solve the issue.

To remove your bank account the user needs to follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Venmo app. Click on Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Payment Methods.
  3. Then, select the bank account you are facing the issue with.
  4. Lastly, remove the account and confirm the removal.

Below are the steps to re-add your bank account to Venmo.

  1. Open the Venmo app.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Tap on the option- Payment Methods.
  4. Select Add a Bank or Card, then select the Bank option.
  5. At this stage, fill in your bank credentials correctly.
  6. Finally, choose your method of verification to start using the Venmo app linked to your bank account again. The verification is of two types: Micro transfers and Instant Verification.

Contacting Customer Support Service

The Venmo Customer support team should be contacted after all attempts to resolve the issue proved futile.

They will give strategic advice in solving the problem at hand through their able technical team.

However, if they detect that the problem is not coming from their end then they may advise you to contact your bank for them to troubleshoot the issue at their end.


Venmo is one of the best trusted peer-to-peer payment apps in the United States, ideally for friends and families but Venmo losing connection with the bank is an embarrassing issue that every Venmo user can face. Now that the causes and solutions have been established, carefully adhering to this when Venmo lost connection with the bank will let you enjoy your journey through the app and stay with intriguing memories.

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