What Can I Buy With Venmo? Here Are Where You Can Use Venmo

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what can i buy with venmo

Venmo, a peer-to-peer money payment app in the USA and its territories is serving enormous needs. Since its launch, it has served and continues to serve the vast majority of residents in the USA.

Despite its strong competitors like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, Venmo continues to be in the lead. Friends, families, and business associates continue to benefit from this interesting and popular app.

But the question to be answered is  ‘’What Can I buy With Venmo?’’ This must-read article will let us know what we can buy with Venmo, the stores that accept and don’t accept Venmo as a method of payment. Stay glued to this article and enjoy your reading as we journey through this article.

How does Venmo Work and who uses Venmo?

Before someone can use Venmo for transactions, they need to install the app and sign up on the app. Venmo is multiple-platform supportive. Therefore it can be downloaded and launched on Android and ISO devices.

They create their profile where they can search for users and other users can also search for them. Users can add friends on Venmo to effect payment. They send their Venmo link to receive or make payment. Users receive or pay money using email addresses and emails without necessarily giving bank account details.

Venmo users can link their Venmo links to third-party apps like Instagram where people can easily search them and make payments via the app since clicking on the link will send them to the app and their profile page for payment to be made.

Venmo users can apply for Venmo debit or credit cards which enables them to make purchases online and in-stores. There are a lot of stores in the USA and its territories that accept Venmo as a method of payment. Target, Walmart, Poshmark, CVS, Forever 21, and Hollister are some of the outlets that accept Venmo as a method of payment.

Food delivery outlets like Uber Eats, Eat24, Grubhub, and Delivery.com all accept Venmo as a method of payment. Other services like Gametime and Hulu also accept Venmo.

However, some outlets don’t accept Venmo QR codes but do totally accept Venmo Pay for both online and in-store purchases. Home Depot, Macy’s, Samsung Adidas, Coach, and Wayfair accept Venmo Pay. Venmo is like PayPal, but it has a social feed for easy interaction among friends, families, and business associates. By default transactions and communication on Venmo are visible to other Venmo users unless a user intends to adopt a privacy setting to prevent some users from monitoring their transactions due to one or two reasons. Let’s get started with what you can buy with a Venmo debit card or Qr code.

Can you buy anything with Venmo?

Venmo can be used for various purposes, including paying rent and buying items online. Also, note that Venmo is not a direct payment method and is limited to certain websites and merchants that also use Venmo as a payment option as part of their service. So, what can you buy with Venmo? You can use Venmo to purchase kinds of stuff from websites that accept Venmo as a payment method if you don’t have a physical Venmo debit card to make transactions.

Additionally, you can use Venmo to pay merchants directly with the Venmo app using the Qr Code, such as restaurants, stores, and many other locations that accept mobile payments. Overall, Venmo offers a convenient and secure way to transfer money and make purchases, as long as you are aware of the sites that use Venmo and the merchants that accept it. 

Using Venmo to Pay at a Store

The Venmo payment app uses special and unique QR codes which permit users to make payments at designated stores that are bound to accept Venmo QR codes. Before one can receive or pay for items or services bought, they need to download the Venmo app and get it installed on their smartphones.

They fill in their identification information including their email address and phone numbers. They also have to get their bank account details linked to their Venmo account and get it verified before they can use it to make purchases online and in-stores. Users also request Venmo Debit/credit cards to facilitate payment.

Outlets and Sites that accept Venmo

Many stores accept Venmo as a method of payment especially merchants that accept PayPal and Venmo QR codes as a method of payment. However, it should be noted that not all PayPal merchants do accept Venmo.

Eligible merchants have already registered or opted-in for web payments. Users and merchants scan a QR code for the purchase to be covered. Venmo users can link their Venmo accounts to third-party apps to make in-app purchases.

Users should know that Venmo credit cards can be used for payments at places where Visa has been accepted and the debit card where Mastercard is accepted for payment. So if an outlet does not accept the QR code then opt in for the Venmo debit or Venmo credit card.

Below are some of the sites that use Venmo and outlets that accept Venmo debit/credit cards and Venmo touch-free payments:

Retail Outlets That Accept Venmo Debit/Credit Payments:

Amazon, Coach, Kohl’s, Home Depot, Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Adidas, Nike, Wayfair, Under Armor, and Samsung.

Ride-Sharing Operators That Accepts Venmo:

Lyft and Uber

Food Delivery Outlets That Accept Venmo:

Delivery.com, Eat24, Seamless, and Uber Eats.

Service Providers That Accept Venmo Payments:

Dolly and Hulu

Retail Outlets That Accept Venmo Touch-Free payments, As well As Venmo Debit/Credit cards:

Abercrombie & Fitch, CVS, Hollister, Forever 21, J.Crew, Foot Locker, Boxed,  Jane,  Poshmark, Skull Candy, Target, Walmart, Urban Outfitters, and the Home Depot.

Merchants Accepting Venmo Online

Walmart, Target, and Amazon are the prominent outlets or stores that accept payment via online. Amazon, for instance, operates a 24-hour marketing service so you are at liberty to get anything that you need from them anytime, every day. Both Walmart and Target accept the use of Venmo for payment online and in-store.

Outlets That Does Not Accept Venmo As A Method Of Payment

You can buy stuff with Venmo at many stores but there are some stores that do not accept Venmo as a method of payment. Apple store, Aldi, Buckle, Dollar Tree, Camping World, Dollar General, Aeropostale, BestBuy, Sephora, Ross Stores, Postmates, Overstock, Panera, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Staples, Verizon, Wayfair, Wegman’s Food Market.

Making Venmo Payments In-Store

There are three different ways of making in-store payments using Venmo. Below are the methods outlined:

Scanning the Merchant’s QR Code

This is very simple. As your items are finished scanning the cashier in charge or the check-out machine installed at the point of sale will automatically issue a QR code.

At this juncture, you open the Venmo app on your device and simply click on the ‘’scan button’’. You then carefully and gently hover the camera of your phone over the generated QR code to scan it and get ahead with the transaction at hand. A notification will pop up for confirmation of the purchases made. After this, the balance on your Venmo will be used to effect the payment.

Scanning Your QR Code by The Merchant

With this method, the cashier or the checkout machine will issue a command for you to show the Venmo QR code. You then open the Venmo app and click on the ‘’Show to Pay’’ button for a QR code to be generated. Gently show it to the checkout machine or the cashier to get the QR code scan.

Immediately when it is scanned you then confirm the amount or payment to effect the transaction. The amount in your Venmo balance will be used for the purchase made.

Frugal Reality Tip Method:

Normally when the transaction is being done, the amount in the Venmo balance is used to cover the purchases made but for one reason or another other if your Venmo is not sufficient or you want to resort to a different account then you select your chosen method before you or the cashier scan the QR code

Use your Venmo Debit or Credit Card

Venmo debit/credit cards are accepted in many sales outlets throughout the USA and its territories. The most important and interesting aspect of this is that they give back rewards for the use of the Venmo app for payment.

Target, Walmart, Wendy’s, and Sam’s Club are some of the outlets that offer this reward or give back cash rewards. Fortunately, some ATMs allow Venmo debit cardholders to withdraw money. This includes ATMs that possess Cirrus, Pulse, MoneyPass, and Master card logos.

How To Use Venmo to Pay at a Store Online?

You can use your Venmo wallet to pay online at a select PayPal merchant. Retailers must opt-in for Venmo web payments before they can start accepting Venmo payments online. Here’s how it works:

Using Approved Mobile browsers

It is almost impossible to make payments online when you use your computer to make shopping online. In paying online using Venmo. Online purchases with Venmo work with specific mobile browsers such as Google Chrome for Android devices and Safari for IOS devices only at eligible PayPal Merchant websites.

During payment and at the checkout page, click on the PayPal button which will take you directly to the PayPal website. Then choose Venmo as your method of payment and use your Venmo balance or the cash in your linked accounts to do the payment.

Using The Venmo App To Make Payments Online

The Venmo app can be used to make payments when items are purchased online.

In effecting the payment the following steps should be followed:

  • First, navigate to settings and move straight to the Buying section.
  • Second, click on the ‘’Enable Mobile Web Purchase’’ or’’ Connect Browsers’’
  • At this juncture, you select your favorable browser on your device to navigate to the merchant’s website and carry it out with your shopping.
  • Finally, you move straight to the checkout page and click on the Venmo button to complete the payment.

You can also link cards or accounts to make the payment.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Adding Venmo as an Amazon payment option

First, You need to download the Venmo app and get it installed on your device be it Android or IOS. Fill in all the prerequisites and get your account and identity verified.

After this, you follow the steps below to add your Venmo account to Amazon during checkout.

  • First, click on Select a payment method.
  • Click on Add a Venmo account.
  • At this stage, the Venmo app will be opened.
  • Then you authorize Amazon to use your account for payment.

When the  Amazon confirmation page pops up, you then set Venmo as your method of payment.

Can Users Venmo with American Express?

Definitely yes! It is possible to use American Express for Venmo users. All that needs to be done is to use the American Express app to transfer money to registered Venmo users. You just need their registered Venmo name to make the payments.

Can I Add Venmo To My Uber Account?

Yes! Users can add Venmo to their Uber account by simply following the steps below.

  • First, open the Uber app and select payment in the menu.
  • Second, click on the ‘’Add Payment Method’’
  • Third, click on Venmo
  • Finally, sign in to your Venmo account and click on ‘’Authorize’’.

Paying WithVenmo at Walmart?

It is very easy and simple to pay with Venmo at Walmart. Walmart has a great connection with Venmo so it is easy to use Venmo at Walmart. In using Venmo to pay at Walmart, you just need to link your Venmo account to your Walmart account. After that, you use the Venmo app to make your payment at checkout.

Which Banks Support Venmo?

Venmo works on several banks in the USA and its territories, MasterCard  American Express, Discover, and Visa, support Venmo. Online banks including Ally and Capital One 360 also support Venmo Bank of America. Chase and Wells Fargo support Venmo.

When a Payment Wasn’t For a Purchase

If you mistakenly tagged a payment you initiated and sent as a purchase, or if another user also mistakenly or accidentally tagged a payment they transferred to you, then you need to contact the Venmo Support Team.

Which ATM Support Venmo?

Users can get money from ATMs that have the Mastercard, Pulse, or Cirrus logo or trademarks printed on them.

 Is PayPal Equally Safe as Venmo?

Yes, Venmo and PayPal are equally safe to use as Venmo is a subsidiary of PayPal.They both use encryption and other protective features to make transactions on the apps safe.

Does eBay Accept Venmo?

Although Venmo doesn’t directly work on eBay as a method of payment, users can use their Venmo card when they intend to pay by card on eBay but users cannot connect and do payment directly with Venmo.

What is the Highest Limit of Money To Send on Venmo?

As of now, new users on Venmo can send or transfer $299.99. and after the user’s identity has been verified with Venmo, the weekly limit moves to $4,999.99. These limits can be changed so kindly contact Venmo support if you have any questions.


As one of the leading and popular peer-to-peer payment apps in the USA and its territories, the benefits of Venmo to the residents of the region cannot be underestimated. Ever since its introduction the app has competed with money-sending app giants like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay.

Over 50 million people are using the app in the USA. Friends, families, and business associates rely on this app to carry out their transactions. Apart from its money-sending abilities, it also has social features which enable communication among users or friends on the app. The above article answered the question’’ What Can I Buy With Venmo?’’ and some list of stores that accept Venmo. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Stay tuned and enjoy your journey on Venmo.

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