What happens when you remind someone on Venmo

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what happens when you remind someone on venmo

Venmo as a peer-to-peer money payment app has got real patronage ever since it was launched and continues to make a triumphant history in the USA and its territories. Friends, families, and business associates send and receive money as well as pay for purchases online and in-store too, but the question to be answered is ‘’what happens when you remind someone on Venmo?’’

This well-laid-out article will teach you about Venmo, Venmo reminder alerts, how and when to send them, and also let you know what happens when you remind a Venmo user. Hope it finds you well.Happy reading.

How Does Venmo Work?

Before people can use Venmo for transactions, they need to install the app and sign up on the app. Venmo is multiple-platform supportive. Therefore it can be downloaded and launched successfully on Android and ISO devices. They create their unique profile where they can search for users and other users can also search for them. Users can add friends on Venmo to effect payment.

They send their Venmo link to receive or make payment. Users receive or pay money using email addresses and emails without necessarily giving bank account details. Venmo users can link their Venmo links to third-party apps like Instagram where people can easily search them and make payments via the app since clicking on the link will send them to the app and their profile page for payment to be made.

What Happens When You Remind Someone on Venmo?

When you remind someone on Venmo, instantly a notification is sent to them via the Venmo app. If a person needs to complete a payment that has not been fully settled then you can quickly send them a reminder via the app. So this feature on Venmo is helping friends, families, and merchants who are using the app for business purposes.

Statistics laid down by Venmo indicate that quite a large number of users wish or want to remind people on Venmo to complete their payment within four days of the original transaction date.

What is Venmo Reminder Notification?

The Venmo reminder notification can be seen as a simple payment request you send your friends about the cash or the money they owe you.

So directly when you do remind your friends of the amount they owe you based on the note that you send they see the notification at their end. Venmo reminder notifications typically look like the Venmo payment request you do send. This is because Venmo does not add any additional notes to it again.

Does Venmo Automatically remind you?

No, Venmo does not send reminders automatically to users. In order to remind someone of upcoming payments, Venmo does not do that by default. The person who wants payment from you should do that manually by themselves to remind you of any payment.

How To Remind Someone on Venmo

The fact that you have sent your friend a payment request, but he has yet to pay back his debt, you can also notify him using the Venmo reminder notification feature of the pending payment you have sent to him.

  1. First, launch the Venmo
  2. Second, tap on the three dots button
  3. Third ,tap on ‘’Incomplete’’>’’Requests’’>’’Unfulfilled Requests”
  4. From there move on to tap on the blue’’Remind’’ You will realize that after it has been tapped on it will change to a grey message displaying ‘’Reminded’’ and you are done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if You Send a Reminder on Venmo for Payment?

With this feature on Venmo, you can easily remind friends of the amount that they have to pay you. When you remind someone on Venmo the user or the person receives a notification stating the amount that they need to pay.

Is There Any Set Rule, on When You Should Remind Someone for Payment?

It is your desire to remind someone at any time. However, according to a study conducted 67% of Venmo users in the USA and its territories see it as necessary to remind someone of the payment within four days that the original transaction is being initiated.

72% of the app users also think that the best or the correct time for the payment reminder should be an additional twenty-four hours.

Can you remind someone again on Venmo?

It might happen that you have already sent the payment request to your friend to pay you but they are refusing, in this way, you can send a Venmo reminder again requesting payment.

The following steps should be taken to remind your friends again of payments that are to be made:

  1. First, open the Venmo app on your device.
  2. Second, sign in to your account.
  3. Third, click on the draft option, a dollar and a pencil sign which is situated in the upper right corner of the
  4. Fourth, enter the username of the person you want to pay you.
  5. Fifth, enter the amount of money.
  6. Sixth, press Request
  7. Finally, tap Confirm.

What is The Nature of Venmo Transaction?

By default transactions on Venmo are set to public where users can see each other’s transactions, However, users can choose to alter the settings. The privacy settings that they can choose from are:

  1. Private: With this, transactions will be only seen or visible to the account owner’s personal feed. If it is a payment to another person, it will also be visible in the other user’s personal feed too.
  2. Friends only: With this setting, the transaction will be shared with your friends in the app and other friends who are participating.
  3. Public: With this type of setting, the user’s transaction will be available publicly in the Venmo feed and all those with access to the internet can have a look at it.

What Should I Do If I Receive a Payment From a Stranger?

The Venmo support team should be contacted when a user receives payment from someone he doesn’t know. Venmo can help you reverse this payment.

Alternatively, if a payment request is received from a stranger it should be declined outright. To prevent this from reoccurring you should block the person who sent you a request for the money. Also, you can pay heed to your privacy settings.

Does Receiving a Payment From a Stranger Mean My Venmo Account Has Been Hacked?

If for a reason no unauthorized transactions has not been noticed in your transaction or received an unexpected notification too from Venmo then it means your account has not been hacked.

It should be noted that Venmo uses encryption for users’ account security. Also, by mistake, Venmo may pay users, so if it happens so then the Venmo customer support team should be contacted.


Financial transactions in the USA and its territories have witnessed a tremendous improvement ever since the Venmo app was launched. Friends, families, and business associates are enjoying this interesting and popular app very well by sending and receiving money and paying for purchases online and in-store.

Notwithstanding, some payments are not fully made or settled, at times on the app. One of the features of the app is to remind friends of payment. So, the question that baffled the mind of users was what happens when you remind someone on Venmo?’’This article has explained in detail What is Venmo, how Venmo work, Venmo reminder alerts, how and when to send and what happens when you remind a Venmo user. Hope you liked reading it.Kind regards and stay blessed.

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