Why won’t Venmo let me instant transfer

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why won't venmo let me instant transfer

Why won’t Venmo let you instant transfer on Vnemo and don’t know what to do? The benefits of Venmo as a peer-to-peer money payment app in the USA and its territories cannot be underrated. Since the app was launched it has Striven hard to boast over 50 million subscribers in the USA and its Territories competing with giants like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. As a peer-to-peer payment app, it also comes with some social features that enable easy communication among friends, families, and business associates who patronize it.

Users of the app enjoy a lot of benefits including instant transfer. However, due to some reasons, the instant transfer might not work. It gets stuck up. This article will help us identify some of the causes of this problem and the possible solutions that would be generated to solve this issue. Stay blessed and keep on reading

What is Venmo?

With Venmo, friends, families, and business associates continue to enjoy the numerous benefits associated with the usage of the app. They send and receive money through this app. Online and in-store purchases are also done through the app, thereby eliminating the old way of doing business and sending and receiving money too.

Venmo users can apply for Venmo debit or credit cards which enables them to make purchases online and in-stores.

Day-to-day bills are settled easily by using Venmo. Apart from its money-sending and receiving features, the app also has some social features that allow communications on the app to be visible to the users which are set by default. However, if there is any suspicion, users can change their settings to private. Enabling him to select only those who can see their activities on the app. Meaning users can easily hide their transactions on the app.

How Does Venmo Work?

Before someone can use Venmo for transactions, they need to install the app and sign up on the app. Venmo is multiple-platform supportive. Therefore it can be downloaded and launched on Android and ISO devices.

They create their profile where they can search for friends, families, and other users can also search for them.

Users can add friends on Venmo to effect payment. They send their Venmo link to receive or make payment. Users receive or pay money using email addresses and emails without necessarily giving bank account details. Venmo users can link their Venmo links to third-party apps like Instagram where people can easily search them and make payments via the app since clicking on the link will send them to the app and their profile page for payment to be made.

Types of Transfers on Venmo

Basically, there are two types of transfers on Venmo.‘’The Instant Transfer’’ and ‘’The Standard Bank Transfer’’.

Standard Bank Transfer

The standard transfer is one of the services provided by Venmo. With this method, the user is charged no fees for initiating the transfer. The Venmo account should be linked to a USA bank for the transfer to be affected. The standard transfer usually takes 1-3 working days for it to arrive.

However, Venmo service disruptions may or can affect Standard bank transfers. Standard bank transfers on Venmo are reviewed and the outcome can be delayed, declined, or blocked transfers. This occurs when Venmo identifies an issue associated with the user or the use of the app.

Instant Transfers

The Instant money transfer option on Venmo permits a user to send money to any qualified or eligible US bank account or Visa/MasterCard debit card normally within a period of thirty minutes of initializing. A 17.5% fee, usually with a minimum fee of $ 0.25 and a maximum fee of $ 25 is deducted from the transfer amount for each transfer initiated. Users should bear in mind that Instant transfers on Venmo can be made at any time within the 365 days and it is not affected by holidays or weekend schedules.

However, Venmo service disruptions may or can affect Instant transfers. Instant transfers on Venmo are reviewed and the outcome can be delayed, declined, or blocked transfer. This occurs when Venmo identifies an issue associated with the user or the use of the app.

The Reason Why Venmo Won’t let you do Instant Transfer

Instant transfer on Venmo is one of the services being provided by Venmo. It allows transfers to be initiated and money received within thirty minutes in the recipient’s bank account. A little fee is charged for this.

However, at times an error occurs such as “Sorry this instant transfer cannot be completed Venmo” when the transfer is initiated. Below are some of the causes of this error.

Internal Security Protocol Issues

There are a lot of reasons why errors occur during the instant transfer on Venmo. One such is Venmo’s internal security protocol.

It is therefore advisable to transact on an app that is legally registered in your name. As usual, your Venmo account should depict your real or original first and last names and should be exactly as shown on your card.

This will help in preventing instant transfer errors.

Reviewing Transfers into and out of Venmo

Venmo as a peer-to-peer payment app always tries to review transfers that pass through and out of the app. This includes Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers into and out of Venmo. Normally, strong internal fraud and risk processes are employed to undertake these reviews. This enables Venmo to check Venmo accounts to see if any of them is causing financial loss to the company.

The main reason for Venmo doing this review is to ensure that no suspicious or illegal activities go on as the app is being used and also to ensure that users and those with whom they are transacting with comply  Venmo’s User Agreement.

The outcome of Reviews on Venmo

The outcome of reviews on Venmo usually results in the following:

  • Funds can be frozen or held by Venmo.
  • Transfers can be blocked, delayed, or canceled.
  • The account can be terminated or suspended.
  • Funds that were previously can be received will be sent back to the transferer’s Venmo account, to their card, or to the designated bank account that was used to fund the payment.
  • Funds that are being applied to negative Venmo account balances or used to clear loss that Venmo incurs.
  • Funds can be seized to comply with court proceedings, orders, or warrants.

Other Unintentional Cause

At times users will still face an instant transfer error despite using the same card that has been used to perform successful transfers before.

When this happens users can transfer money using the standard bank transfer since the Venmo support team can’t override instant transfer

Venmo instant transfer not working and how to fix it

Below are some of the ways to correct or fix Venmo Instant transfer errors:

Use a Debit Card that Supports the Instant Transfer

Not all Debit cards that are issued by banks in the USA support instant transfer on Venmo. So if a user uses a debit card that is not supported by Venmo for this function then an automatic instant transfer error will occur.

There is an option on the platform to check whether your card is supported by this function. Your card will be grayed out by Venmo’s system if your card is not supported.

Respect Venmo’s Terms and Conditions

During sign up and after sign up users should carefully read Venmo’s terms and conditions very well. This will prevent them from engaging in some activities that will cause the instant transfer to happen.

Ensure Your Card and Venmo Account Names Match

Users should ensure that the first and last names used to register for their Venmo account match directly with the name on their debit card. If this doesn’t occur then it is likely that an instant transfer error will occur.

Users Should Check Venmo Server Status

Also when users encounter an instant transfer error, they should go ahead to check on the status of the Venmo server. It can happen that the servers of Venmo are having issues or there is a technical difficulty or hitch on the platform that is affecting the instant transfer.

You can wait for the difficulty to be resolved or report directly to the Venmo support team.

Pay Heed to the Venmo Transfer Limits

Users should adhere strictly adhere to Venmo’s weekly transfer limit to avoid instant transfer errors. If the money being transferred exceeds this then obviously an instant transfer error will occur.

Ensure Your Bank Supports Instant Transfers

Some banks in the USA and its territories don’t support Venmo instant transfer at all. Users should therefore check to see if this function is available within their service too. They can therefore use a bank transfer rather than using Venmo instant transfer.

Contact Venmo Support Team

Users should contact the Venmo support team if they keep on receiving instant transfer errors. Details would be provided to them without any charge. On the app problem encountered can be communicated to them using the  ‘’Get Help’’ then ‘’Contact Us ’’ section. Alternatively, you can navigate to their site and fill out a complaint form to communicate your problem to the support team.

Contact Your Bank

Users can also contact their bank to ensure they are having a problem with their bank account when they encounter an instant transfer error. Finally, if you get a Venmo Instant Transfer Error, it may mean you’re having problems with your bank account. Give your bank a call to investigate the problem further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Bank or Card Eligible for Instant Transfers on Venmo?

The Instant transfer on Venmo is only eligible or works on US bank accounts or Visa/MasterCard debit cards that are recognized or participate in  Instant transfer services such as MasterCard Send or Fast Funds. Alternatively, Venmo users can ascertain if their bank qualifies by adding it to their Venmo account. In the process, if you identify that your debit card or bank account is listed as a payment method but is greyed out then it means that your bank hasn’t got access now.

Why Do Standard Transfers Take Longer Than Instant Transfer?

Standard transfers use the ACH (Automated Clearing House) banking process, although standard bank transfers are free. This normally takes 1-3 business or working days to reach the user’s bank.

Instant transfers on the other hand are known to be effected or processed on several networks enabling the money to reach your bank account quickly, usually within 30 minutes.

Checking on The Status of Your Instant Transfer

Once you initiate or start a transfer you will see a green check mark confirming that the transfer has started and as the transfer is completed too. There will be a notification on the  Venmo app.

Notwithstanding, the transfer can also be seen as pending in the Venmo app. When this occurs you wait for thirty minutes and check your bank account statement for the deposit.

As a concerned user, you can also approach your bank directly if you don’t see any notification on your bank statement. At this stage, you explain clearly to them that the cash will appear as an original credit transaction (OCT) or a real-time payment, not a missing ACH/direct deposit.

I Got an Error When I Tried to Transfer

For a variety of reasons including Venmo’s automated internal security measures Instant transfers can be declined when they are reviewed.

Therefore it is advisable that in starting an instant transfer users should make sure that they are the real owners of the cards that they are using and the first and last names should be their original and legal names used when registering for their Venmo account.

When all these have been applied and there is still an error then the user should be aware that the instant transfer feature is not available or obsolete at that moment. Although, you might have successfully used your bank account or card for an instant transfer this can still occur.

Although, Venmo Support Teams will not be able to override declines in instant transfer, as a user you can still initiate a standard bank transfer without charges.

Can Venmo Rush Standard Bank Transfer?

Venmo cannot speed up a standard bank transfer that has already been initiated. As soon as a transfer is requested the cash is sent from their system to the bank to be processed. The bank transfer usually takes 1-3 working days for it to arrive.

However, users can check the estimated date for the transfer to arrive in their personal transactions feed after the transfer has been initiated.

Why Are Transfer Timelines Dependent on Business Days?

Bank transfer timelines are strongly dependent on Automated Clearing House (ACH), Venmo’s banking partner, and the bank of the user. It should be noted that once a transfer is initiated, there is no way that Venmo can speed up the process.


At times Venmo won’t let users instant transfer. This Step by step article briefly explained Venmo and answered the question “Why Venmo won’t let me instant transfer’’.Hope You enjoyed reading this article and have acquired enough knowledge on the topic at hand. Keep on reading and stay blessed.

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