Get Money Out Of Frozen Venmo Account

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Get Money Out Of Frozen Venmo Account

Venmo is a peer-to-peer money payment app that makes it easy for friends, families, and others to transfer and receive money easily. Journeying through this app is an experience that will leave fantastic memories with the user.
It’s an inconvenient but all-too-common problem: a Venmo account has been frozen and the user is unable to access their funds. Thankfully, there are ways to get money out of a frozen Venmo account in order to restore financial stability. Whether you need help resolving an issue with a merchant or understanding why your account was frozen, this article will provide detailed information on how to get money out of a frozen Venmo account.

Reasons And Causes Of Venmo Account Frozen

Using the peer-to-peer money payment app is an experience that the majority of residents in the USA and its territories will never forget. Friends, families, and others who have subscribed to Venmo’s services cannot doubt the importance of this trusted and popular app in the USA and its territories.

It is flexible to use and produces fast results. It is secure to use and has a strong Customer Support Team that clarifies issues easily for its clients when the need arises. However, at times during its use, clients or users are faced with the problem of their accounts being frozen.

An instant email message will let you know that your Venmo account has been frozen. This is very hurtful and painful if you have a transaction to perform especially when it happens unexpectedly. However, users will be delighted to know the causes or the reasons why a Venmo account can be frozen and they are as below:

Owing And Having A Low Or Empty Venmo balance

A low or empty Venmo account that is used to make transactions will lead to the account getting frozen. If you owe Venmo and have a negative balance, this factor encourages one Venmo account to be frozen.
Once the transaction has been carried out, Venmo credits the receiver and eventually debits your account. This causes Venmo to debit your account. If you don’t have a positive balance in your wallet, then your account can be frozen at this moment till Venmo recovers the money from you or you pay the amount you owe them.

When A User Exceeds The Number Of Transfers

A user’s account is likely to be frozen when they exceed the number of transfers that are to be performed for a day. If this occurs then the User’s account is likely to be frozen.

Not Abiding By The Terms And Conditions

Venmo users are subjected to rules and regulations as stated in their terms and conditions. If users don’t abide by these regulations then it is likely that they will have their accounts frozen.

The terms and conditions stipulate that registered Venmo users go through the account verification process to ensure that they get their accounts verified. It is also illegal for users to have two personal accounts under the same name on the Venmo platform other than a business account.

Users have to meet the pre-requisite qualifications to enable them to register as Venmo users. If these are faked and later detected then the account holder will be subjected to a stiffer punishment by getting their accounts frozen. Also, if the user is seen to be engaged in any fraudulent acts then the account is liable to be frozen.

Venmo Having Technical Issues

Although not often, at times it is seen to be caused by a technical hitch. It is therefore advisable to get in touch with the support team to establish your concern especially if your account was not frozen by any dubious means.

Suspicion In The Use Of The Venmo App

By law, Venmo users are subjected to use the app in the USA and its territories with a US telephone number. However situations will arise where users have seen crossing borders due to work, study, visit, or carrying on diplomatic missions. When registered users try to use the app in another country apart from the ones stated above then it is likely that it can be detected by Venmo and the account will be frozen.

Also, when a user tries to login in with a different PIN, then the app easily detects that a fraudulent act is going on, and it sends signals for the account to be frozen by Venmo.

If Venmo laid down security systems detect that you have been logging in with different devices then it is likely that your account will be frozen. The system recognizes this as a villain trying to hack your account and gets your account frozen immediately.

How To Get Money Out of a Frozen Venmo Account

It is obviously impossible to get money from a Venmo account that has been frozen. Once the account is frozen it becomes dormant and no formal transaction can be carried out using the app. However, for a user to get money out of a frozen Venmo account, then necessary measures should be in place to unfreeze your Venmo account.

Unfreeze Account Due to Insufficient Fund

Users whose accounts were frozen due to insufficient or low funds in their account can easily get this issue resolved at once when Venmo retrieves the funds from them. Users whose accounts are frozen due to this can easily transfer money from their bank accounts directly to their Venmo wallet.

Below are the steps to follow to embark on the transfer of the money from your bank account to your Venmo Account.

  1. Firstly, navigate to funds on your screen.
  2. Then carefully Select the bank you want to make the transfer of the money.
  3. At this juncture, select the amount of money you need to transfer, but make sure that it can cover the debts whiles you leave some in your Venmo account too.

Contact Venmo Directly

If your Venmo account was frozen due to suspicion, faking, or any other unauthorized way you need to contact Venmo directly.

You can easily do this by replying to the email notification you received telling you that your account is frozen or by calling Venmo support phone number at (855-812-4430) during working days.

For reason if the email that you received has been permanently deleted or you can’t have an access to it then you email them directly at [email protected] or follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly navigate to the Venmo app on your device.
  2. Upon seeing the Menu Icons, tap on the “Me” icon > “Settings Gear” and “Get Help”.
  3. At this juncture, tab on “Contact Us”.
  4. At this stage you contact them directly by sending an email, chatting, or making a call to the Support Team.

Make sure you explain your case well at this stage. Let them know the nitty-gritty of the situation. This will compel them to act fast and help you as needed.

They will respond by telling you exactly what you are to do. They may resolve the situation by asking you to follow some important steps.

How Long Does A Venmo Account Stay Frozen?

An account that has been frozen by Venmo will continue to be in that state till the user launch a complaint. If a user tries never to make an attempt to get it frozen then the status quo will remain. It will be dormant for several days, weeks, months, or years.

A newly-created account will be frozen after 180 days if the account hasn’t passed through the right verification process. If for instance, the account was frozen due to insufficient or low funds in the account then it can be unfrozen after two to three working days.

If Venmo is contacted about an issue with a frozen account, then a cause will be established to get the account unfrozen. They will request for your national identification card to see that you are the bearer of the information in the account. This will happen after the support team has taken enough steps to verify the cause of the action. The hustle, pain, and energy used to get a Venmo account unfrozen is unbearable, So Venmo users should be careful to avoid these.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can A Frozen Venmo Account Be Unfrozen?

Yes! A frozen Venmo account can be unfrozen depending on the cause. Newly-created accounts that have been frozen can easily be resolved.

Also if your account was frozen due to insufficient funds in your account when performing a transaction, then it can be amended within two to three working days. You simply have to pay the money owed Venmo and also make sure that you have some money in your account.

Can A Venmo App Be Used Outside The USA And Its Territories?

No! The Venmo app is designed to be used in the USA and its territories. If it is used outside the USA and its territories then it is likely that the Venmo security system will categorize it as a fraudulent act. It may seem that someone is trying to hack your account and your Venmo account will be frozen.

Can A Technical Error Caused Your Account To Be Frozen

Yes! In some cases, a technical error can be caused your Venmo account to be frozen. In this case, you might not know of this so you need to contact the support team to check and solve the issue, especially if you know clearly that you haven’t used any dubious means to get your account frozen.


Using the peer-to-peer money payment app, Venmo is a great experience that would never be forgotten. Friends, families, and other people enjoy using this app because of its flexibility and its interesting features. However, the hustle that one has to go through to get their account unfrozen after it has been frozen is obviously unbearable. Reading this guide or article will help you to come out of this issue if you get your account frozen.

Keep on using Venmo and avoid getting your account frozen to get the best of one of the USA’s most trusted and popular money payment apps, Venmo.

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