How to sign up for Venmo without phone number

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sign up for venmo without phone number

Interested in registering Venmo without a phone number? Quite a great number of people are using the Venmo app, but one of the requirements to sign up for Venmo is to add a USA phone number to get the account verified.

As technology keeps on moving to a new and different dimension, the way we send and receive money too has changed dramatically, Venmo a peer-to-peer money payment app has changed the way money is sent and received among friends. families and business associates. The traditional way of sending and receiving money among peers has seen a greater change.

However, the question to be answered is that can you sign up for Venmo without a phone number? This article will let us know if a prospective user can sign up for Venmo without a phone number, and if possible, how the prospective user can sign up for Venmo without a phone number. Stay tuned and read on.

How Does Venmo Work?

Before someone can use Venmo for transactions, they need to install the app and sign up on the app. Venmo is multiple-platform supportive. Therefore, it can be downloaded and launched on Android and ISO devices.

They create their profile where they can search for users and other users can also search for them. Users can add friends on Venmo to effect payment. They send their Venmo link to receive or make payment. Users receive or pay money using email addresses and emails without necessarily giving bank account details.

Venmo users can link their Venmo links to third-party apps like Instagram where people can easily search them and make payments via the app since clicking on the link will send them to the app and their profile page for payment to be made.

How to Set Up a Venmo Account

In setting up a Venmo account, you need to download the app and get it installed on your device, get it opened, and get a method to register. You will then create a strong password, confirm your email address and phone number, and then further add your bank account details to get your account set up. You can also sign up through the web on your computer.

Can I Use Venmo Without a Phone Number?

Venmo according to their policy doesn’t allow one to use it once their phone number is not verified. They need to include it once an account is created. This applies to both personal and business accounts.

However, there are some people who have already created an account using their existing phone number and want to create another account too. Can it be possible? And if possible, should they use the same phone number?

As Venmo’s policy stipulates of users use one phone number to get their account registered and verified, there are still some ways that users can still apply to get a different account again. They decide to spend a lot of money to buy a burner phone which has a validity period of one to three months.

They may also try to get a cheap number second number, and they do this by relying on number apps like CoverMe.They are able to provide you with one or two numbers at a cheap price within just a few minutes.

Why People Don’t Want to Use Their Own Number for Venmo?

As technology increases, companies try to employ serious security measures to avoid data theft. However, some villains are able to enter the systems of these big companies and get their data stolen.

One such incident happened on Facebook where quite a huge number of users had their information stolen and altered. Due to this, some Venmo users see it as not appropriate to use their own numbers.

Will a User Receives Notifications on Venmo Transactions if They Don’t Provide a Phone Number?

No, it will not be possible to receive a transaction notification without a phone number. Venmo, as a prerequisite for account registration, demands that a phone number is required when signing up to enable verification of identity and to enable notifications about users’ accounts activities. And also, no text message notifications would be received too.

Can a User Change Their Venmo Account To Include a Phone Number Later On?

Yes, you can include a new phone number or get it updated on your Venmo account later on. Below are the necessary steps to take:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Account, then tap tap on Phone Number
  • Enter your phone number and have it verified.

Can You Have Two Venmo Accounts With the Same Phone Number?

Yes, it is possible to have another Venmo account using the same phone number, but users need to add a different or a new bank account and select the same number option on the app.

Notwithstanding, if you do have a business and need a different or separate account for the business, you then a phone number to create a Venmo account.

How To Create Venmo Account Without Phone Number

If you decide to create a Venmo account without your own number, then the methods below can be resorted to, but you need to select one that would be appropriate to you most.

1. Google Voice Phone Number

Some users intend to use Google Voice number for Venmo registration, this was possible but for some times now there have been recorded failure cases that is preventing people from adopting this method.

2. Buying a Burner Phone

A burner phone can be bought used, destroyed, or discarded away if you don’t really need it. Burner phones are prepaid phones. These phones can be used to avoid Venmo’s phone registration policy. However, at this stage buying a burner phone to get you registered on Venmo seems very expensive.

3. Using CoverMe

Apart from the above methods, people tend to go for CoverMe, an app that can generate some second phone numbers. These numbers can be used for Venmo registration.

4. Receive SMS Via Website

Some people also go in for the Receive SMS website which is completely free. They use this to bypass Venmo’s phone verification during account sign-up. The site makes it possible to receive voicemails and text messages globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Venmo Sign Up Without Phone Number

When a user gets registered on Venmo they need to supply their phone number. This is applicable to both personal and business accounts. This needs instant verification. However, people can generate fake phone numbers to register for Venmo.

Can You Have Two Venmo Accounts With the Same Phone Number?

Although Venmo doesn’t permit you to obtain two accounts with the same phone number, users can pursue this case by resorting to the temporary phone number method.

You can use or adapt the DoNotPay app or receive an SMS. In this case, you need two different email accounts. Users can register two email addresses to the same phone number.

Having two Venmo Accounts can be essential if you do have two bank accounts. It is easy for you to transfer money from one account to the other account. Legally, Venmo allows two users to register the same bank account. Only two Venmo accounts can have the same registered bank account. Users should know that more than two accounts will be entertained.

What Are The Limitations of Using Venmo Without a Phone Number?

It is actually against Venmo services of using a virtual number to get registered on Venmo instead of a personal phone number. If Venmo realizes that you are using a virtual number instead of a personal phone number, then it is likely that you will be subjected to a stiffer punishment.

Also, using Venmo without a phone number can prevent you from transferring money to other Venmo accounts.


The use of Venmo, a peer-to-peer money payment app in the USA and its territories has become very popular as the app is competing against giants in the industry like Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Cash Pay, and Apple Pay.

Friends, families, and business associates are able to send and receive money among themselves in a fast, easy, and convenient manner. However, during the registration of a Venmo account, it is Venmo’s policy to supply the following a strong password, confirm your email address and phone number, and then further add your bank account details to get your account verified. The question therefore was ”can people sign up for Venmo without a phone number?” This article carefully answered this question in detail. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Stay blessed and enjoy using Venmo.

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